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Another problem with an aftermarket Remote Start System

… and a fatal one, at that.

That’s concerning.

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How did the car get into gear?

Who knows?
With an aftermarket system, it is possible that the remote starter could be activated even if the trans wasn’t in Park or Neutral. All you need is a clueless car owner + a wonky aftermarket system to produce havoc.

I feel fortunate that all the problems that I faced with aftermarket remote starter systems were stripped out starter and flywheel gears. Dead batteries and burned wires were less so but still expensive to repair. I never used them myself but many customers, friends and family did. I hated them from the first day that I ever worked on one.

Aside from (maybe) warming up the car on a cold morning… I’ve long felt that remote start systems were a solution in search of a problem.

Or a means to “impress” strangers with your fancy car features.

Like having your car sit in flood water, they provide many opportunities for problems to happen in the future.