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2012 Audi A4 - Remote Starter?

I am hoping to install a remote start system into my 2012 Audi A4 - it’s actually an anniversary gift for my husband. Anyway, I just fear getting it installed and having an electrical issue later on. We bought the car used from a dealership, if that helps at all.

You are right to fear an aftermarket remote starter installation. Don’t do it.

We get many posters hear that have had electrical problems with them later on.


@Mustangman is 100% right. Buy him a shirt.


That fear will turn into reality and you will have expensive problems . One more vote to forget the remote starter.

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As an edit: I was/am planing to have the installation done through a very reputable place (ABT electronics- if anyone is familiar).

The service person I spoke with has worked on this car before, but I’m sure he wouldn’t tell me if 2012 A4’s short out after the work. I believe he’s the only one who does these installations.

The problem with after market remote starters is not specific to any brand of vehicle . And there are tons of places that install these things. And as stated every auto forum gets posts about the problems that they can cause.

It’s not a guarantee that remote starter install will turn into the problem, but indeed a number of places manage to either do it wrong or to cheap out on equipment they install.
I had a number of remote start systems installed (DIY) on my cars with good results, but I would still be hesitant to recommend it, @Mary14, as Audi is not simple to work on and unless you know what you do, it may bring trouble.
Check if it is possible to find Audi original accessory remote start (if it was offered as such), at least that thing would be vetted by the manufacturer.

You’re right to be cautious. As to potential troubles, I think an aftermarket remote starter is right up there with an aftermarket antitheft system and having the car sit in flood water.

For your husband’s comfort in cold weather, a nice down vest is more versatile and less problematic.

Another reason to not do this that VW/Audi electrical systems can be troublesome as-is, don’t invite additional problems by adding this non-factory option.

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