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I have to give John Force credit for one thing, he’s never at a loss for words.

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He also uses the same tone/volume of voice carrying on a conversation with someone standing right beside him as most people do when trying to verbally communicate with someone 100 yards away.


If he ever retires from racing, he’ll have no problem finding work as a sports commentator.

Here are some quotes…

…but the best of his interview comments aren’t there. I was watching him being interviewed and he was rambling on at an incredible rate and all of a sudden became totally silent… he took his palm and pounded the side of his head saying, “Brain quit! Brain quit!” and started right up talking a hundred miles an hour, ha ha, ha. I still laugh when I recall that.

Breathing too much nitro?

Standing near too much loud noise for too long?
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I first saw him interviewed by Dave Despain on Wind Tunnel. Despain asked one question and Force started talking. Occasionally the cameras would show Despain with a huge smile on his face. Eventually, Force asked if he answered Dave’s question and whether he talked too much, and Despain said it was all good and to keep talking. And Force did. Enthusiasm like that for racing deserves a following.

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In a sport that costs as much as nitro funny cars, you have to be a born salesman to get the sponsor money needed to be able to compete, and nothing sells like having enthusiasm for what you are selling.

I made mediocre grades in high school world history, physical science, and biology during my freshman and sophomore years mostly because the subjects were taught by football coaches who were pretty much going through the motions for a paycheck. I made straight A’s in Chemistry and Physics during my junior and senior years in part because it was taught by a teacher who had enthusiasm for the subject. Also, those were elective courses and so the class didn’t have the class clowns who were only there because they had to be there.