Alternator killer


My '98 Ford Explorer Sport had its alternator go bad back in November. I replaced it myself, only to discover that the new alternator was bad, also. I replaced that alternator, and everything was fine until this month the alternator went out again! Could my car be killing the alternator or do I just have bad luck buying alternators?


Not alot of info to go on here. First, if you are not buying a top of the line rebuild, one might blame the alternator. I go for lifetime warranted on aftermarket parts, and have had good success with both Delco and Motorcraft alternators. On the other hand, paying for a mechanic’s diagnosis and a good quality charging test and inspection would be next on my list. I can’t help but wonder a voltage regulator isn’t working correctly.


Many of todays “rebuilt” auto-parts leave a lot to be desired…

Buy the “lifetime” unit and sooner or later you will get a good one…