Annoying popup


When are you going to get rid of the annoying pop up asking to get newsletter I’ve signed up twice for the newsletter!!!


this is about the site?

I’ve been complaining about it for months, no response.

Major annoyance is that it takes a long time for the popup to appear, and until it does, none of the links work. Then when you finally are able to move to a different page, you go through the same thing again.

there is a long discussion here somewhere, but I can’t find it now.


It’s Turn off the newsletter nag popups!


Hello. I am sorry to hear you continued to have difficulties with the pop-ups. I have re-forwarded the new thread to our support.


Worse thing, is that cartalk is losing viewers. I go back only rarely now, this bug makes it difficult.


bump . . . . .
yes it is a sentence


Thank you for your concern for the site’s traffic. Please note that I have sent this along once again, as I said yesterday, and it is the weekend. I will notify you when I hear back.