And now for something completely different

I expect we’ll be getting a few postings to check if it’s a scam…


SteveF already started a thread on this. Not a scam, but also not practical at this time.

Well, it’s not a “scam,” whether or not it’s “zero-emission” depends on you definition. It’s similar to an electric car, in that the vehicle itself does not have any emissions. However, the energy required to “produce” the H2 has to come from someplace.

Agree; it’s only zero emission in Washington state which gets nearly all its eltricity form Hydro-electric stations. The major benefit is no downtown pollution, which is different form no CO2 generation.

The overall energy effciency is questionable, since the Hydrogen has to be generated in a very efficient manner and the fuel cell conversion to electricity has to be very much better than a good diesel-hybrid powertrain.

Iceland is the only country with widespead use of hydrogen, either as a combustion fuel or a feed for fuel cell busses. Iceland has unlimeted hydro-electric and geothermal power, so its plan is to go “off fossil fuels”.

If there gets to be a point where hydrogen powered vehicles are practical and available in the millions what are the global warming theorists going to say abut this?

Water vapor is by leaps and bounds the most abundant, and powerful, greenhouse gas there is so it seems to me all of that vapor being emitted by countless tailpipes is going to contribute greatly to the claimed problem.

AWESOME… i’m going to go sharpen up my chainsaw and take down a couple trees to celebrate!

with this tethered to the three hydrogen fuel stations i expect it’ll take a while to make its way to the east coast.

good start though. a for effort. or is that affort?

Assuming your serious, I doubt ground level releases of water vapor are likely to have any long term effect on the retention of reflected solar radiation. The overall concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere is relatively independent of local effects (irrigation, power plant cooling towers, industrial steam releases, etc.). The concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere is primarily a function of temperature.

I am serious. My son is a climatologist and he was actually talking about this with me last week.
I’ll pose this to him the next time I talk to him (probably in the next few days) and get some actual figures.

That’s more like it, I just ran my 440 round the block a few times to compensate for the drastic pollution reduction.

My original comment was written with a tad of irony considering the number of Hydrogen questions posted recently, obviously lost on some, a few people here are taking themselves way too seriously.

And that hydro in WA is being reduced and fossil fuels are going to be coming on line as the environmental damage of those dams are becoming evident and some are silting up.

Well that would depend on the source of H2 After all if it is coming from water, it would be a closed cycle and actually remove a very small amount to start with.

Well, the perfect solution would be to hook up the exhaust from this new Honda to a water electrolysis unit, creating an infinite loop. Perpetual motion!