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Rattling and grinding when I accelerate

Honda Accord V6 from 2004 with 86k miles

When I accelerate to around 2000 rpm I get a springy, rattling, grinding noise. Not like something loose (had mechanic check for this already). Any idea what it could be?

Thanks in advance!

No ideas? I am concerned I might have transmission issue. Cause of problem is not immediately apparent to my mechanic. Should I go to dealer? Help!

If you are concerned about a transmission issue, when is the last time you had the transmission serviced?

It could be the fuel pump, but if the mechanic didn’t find anything wrong, it might be nothing to worry about. These cars sometimes have the fuel pump right under the back seat, so it can sound kind of like a can of marbles is shaking down there when the fuel pump is pumping extra fuel so you can accelerate.

It is very difficult to describe noises so that others can imagine exactly what they sound like.
However, based on your description, it might be nothing more than a loose or damaged heat shield on the exhaust system.

This was my mechanics thought, but it wasn’t loose. Not sure why this noise only happens when I am at 2000 rpm - not below or above… hopefully not something ominous…