An important questions

good night evry body,

when I drive my car which is GMC yukon XL

some indications are presents on the board these are:Break, ABS and traction OFF.

please provide the answer as quickly as possible.


If the primary brake warning light comes on, the ABS and the traction control lights will automatically come on. That’s because neither the ABS or the traction control will function if there’s a problem with the primary brake system. So once it’s figured out what’s causing the primary brake warning light to come on, and it’s repaired so the light turns off, the ABS and traction control lights will also turn off.


thank you for your answer,
the cause of the proplem as what you said has been solved but we want how we can reset the sysstem of the board

If you had truly fixed the problem, the warning lights would go off without any sort of manual reset needed. Most likely, your brake fluid level is low.

Or the proportioning valve needs to be centered…(by selective bleeding)

Actually you didn’t ask a question.