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ABS & Brake lights on 2009 Corolla

ABS and brake light came on twice. Once when car was started and once while driving. Lights stayed for a while and then went away. Dealer couldn’t find anything wrong with it since the lights go out once the car is shut off. Mechanic said he couldn’t find any codes stored in the system so couldn’t figure out what is wrong. Any suggestion?? Thanks

If the primary brake warning light comes on, the ABS light automatically comes on. That’s because the ABS won’t function if there’s a problem with the primary brake system. So it turns the ABS light on to warn you of this. So it until it’s figured out why the primary brake warning light is coming on, both lights will continue to be illuminated.


Are you sure you are releasing the parking brake handle and putting it all the way down? Are you sure there’s no piece of trash under the parking brake handle? If it’s up even a little that light will go on.