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ABS & TC Instrument Panel Lights

My 2005 Buick Terraza CXL does not have any physical symptoms however the ABS light and the Traction Control light with a line through it now remains on most of the time (75%). Sometimes the lights would clear by parking the vehicle facing uphill with the parking brake on. Both lights would then come on again under normal driving conditions. The lights always come on and go off together. Recently, the brake light started staying on after the emergency brake was released but this has only happened a cuple of times (the emergency brake does release). The vehicle has 46,000 miles and I purchased an after market extended warranty before the GM manufacturer warranty experied. Any suggestions?

Check to ensure the top center brake light works as when these go out they tend to affect the ABS light.

You MAY have a wheel sensor fault in the ABS. Perhaps a faulty sensor.

My emergency BRAKE light is in the center of my RPM gauge and yes this one is illuminated with the emergency brake on. This is the BRAKE light that sometimes doesn’t go off when the emergency brake is released. If there is supposed to be another BRAKE light (for the hydrolic system) in the top center then yes it may be burnt out because I do not see it light up when I first turn on the ignition. I will check my Car Manual for the instrument panel BRAKE light. My ABS and TC light problem is very strange as the last couple of days the ABS and TC lights are now off under my normal driving conditions. Would tightening the emergency brake cable affect the ABS and TC lights? When the emergency brake is released the emergency brake cable under the car sure has a lot of slack in it. It may need to be tightened a little. Any more suggestions or comments? Thanks for your help with this problem.