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Amerian Eagle 1985

Hey guys I would like to buy a1985 Eagel sedan for $4500.00 on Hemming, lots of pics and looks great. Third owner needs to sell in South Carolina has three other classic car and no room to keep this one. Is this car a good deal for the price and 120k miles.

For a hobby car? I guess, so few are sold it’s hard to find comparables. Any other similar listings on Hemmings?

PLEASE tell me your typing skills aren’t great and you meant to type $450.00.

If the OP is talking about the Eagle Premier sedan, I hope he realizes that this car was designed by AMC during its last dying gasps and with a shoe-string budget, and it includes a number of Renault mechanical components. These cars were unreliable when new, and, after the passage of almost 3 decades, it is likely to suffer from a lot of mechanical/electrical/electronic problems, with the added complication that some parts may be very difficult to find.

Like mleich, I really hope that the price is $450, rather than $4,500…

I have to agree with the majority here. There is no way that this vehicle is worth $4,500. If you could get it for less than $1,000.00 it might be a good deal.

I found the listing. No typo - it’s really $4,500. I’m not sure what it’s worth - it might actually be worth that. This wasn’t the crappy Premier, it was the AMC Eagle Sedan - same thing as the rather impressive wagon, but in sedan form. They had high ground clearance and could go just about anywhere - I remember back when it was new I was living in the Rocky mountains, and my neighbor had one. He’d routinely drive it up and down the very rocky pipeline service road for our mountaintop neighborhood instead of the paved road - this was a road that had previously been Jeep-only (and he did it to irritate my other neighbor who was a bit overly proud of his Jeep :wink: ).

This particular model looks like it’s in pretty much mint condition, and it’s quite a bit more rare than the wagon was - only 2-3,000 or so were made per year as compared with 10-20 thousand per year for the wagon.

It might actually be worth that kind of money, but I wouldn’t buy it as a daily driver car.

The car may have the same engine and transmission as the Jeeps.

Just as a side-note on this topic, a friend of mine worked for the NYC advertising firm that got the contract for the Eagle’s ads, and he gave me vague hints ahead of intro time that something “dramatically different” was in the offing from AMC.

When the ad agency was brainstorming possible names for this new car, my friend’s suggestion was, Happy Wanderer, and he was almost crushed when his suggestion was not accepted. I tried explaining to him that, “wandering”, was not a desirable trait for a car, but he was convinced to his dying day that his name idea was a better one than Eagle.

And, then, of course, there is the probable complication that Audi likely still owned the rights to the Wanderer name, as the Wanderer was one of the 4 makes that comprised Auto Union (DKW, Audi, Horch, Wanderer), even though by this time only the Audi name remained in the marketplace.

Happy. . .Wanderer? Wow, good thing his idea didn’t fly, or AMC might have gone out of busine. . . er… :wink:

Wow. Went to take a look, and the one he’s looking at is the cheapest of the 4 that are on that listing. It DOES look like it’s in pretty good shape. They list lots of new parts.

These Eagles have a following, they were one of the first cars and wagons with full time AWD. So that’s why prices are WAY higher than you’d expect for a 30 year old used car. A friend in Anchorage had the wagon, it was TIGHT for the four of us to use on a camping trip.

I hope the intent is to keep the car as a classic and not as a daily driver. I cannot imagine buying a car this old( or any car) for $4500 and expecting it to be economical transportation. It makes buying an old SAAB look like a good idea. But, if OP speaks is a fellow who wants a classic so called, and has the hobby funds to do so ; go for it.

The OP’s query is sort of like asking “Is an ounce of gold worth $1300?”

Hard to say. Gold has little inherent value other than for it’s surface properties, and for that you don’t need much of it. If you were valuing gold according to it’s inherent value, $100 an ounce could be a stretch. For something of little inherent value like gold, the price depends simply on what investors are willing to pay. And that is hard to predict.

Same with a 1985 AMC Eagle.

They went up in price considerably in the last couple of years. I really like the 4-wheel set-up in those cars.

$4500.00?? There’s a sucker born every minute…

My dad used to say a few things . . .

“It’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.”

“If somebody bought it, it wasn’t overpriced.”

So . . . it seems to me if somebody actually forks over 4500, it was worth it . . . for them

On the other hand, if it doesn’t sell, or sells for less, it WAS overpriced at 4500

You can always find one sucker and sell one item…But factories must sell thousands of items so they must price their product so that happens…


But if the guy that bought the item doesn’t feel like a sucker, why point it out and ruin his day?

Ignorance is (sometimes) bliss

I wouldn’t have paid that much for a new one. Guy at work bought one new. Didn’t seem to have much bad to say about it but never kept it very long. Just not something that would appeal to me. Now a 57 Ford would be different.

A little off-topic, I admit it, but does anybody else watch that TV show on PBS, Antiques Roadshow? Sometimes I like to sit down for a watch, some of the items can be interesting from a historical perspective. But most of the items are not, and to me seem way over-valued. But that part is even more entertaining. Like I was watching one time and the owner came in with an old deck of playing cards from the 1890’s, torn, ragged, dirty, like they had been used in at least 1000 evenings of poker games. The “experts” said it would be worth $5000 at auction. I just think to myself “I’ll be very happy to keep my $5000 in the bank. I’ll have to somehow learn to accept my own barren life without any 120 year old decks of decrepit playing cards.” … lol