AMC Eagle 1985

Thanks for the respons on the AMC Eagle 1985. But some of you folks would know there is no way to pick AMC on the sigh. So, I had to go with what there was available. Has anyone looked at the Hemming Classified and I do thanks the one who did look? I would like to know what is a fair price for a car that has alot of new parts replaced and looks as good as it dose. has info on classics, even this car. Low retail is $4075’ average is $6250 and high is $9750. You need to know the options and condition to properly evaluate the value. How will you inspect it?

It’s near impossible to put a fair price on something like this as so much depends upon the point of view of both buyer and seller. Someone could look at a horse in the pasture and think thoroughbred; others might see an old broken down nag ready for the glue factory.

My price guide is a couple of years old but shows a sedan of that year and model as being valued at 5 grandish. However, that’s for a No. 1 grade car and no matter how good that car looks or how many parts have been replaced it’s not a 1. It will likely be closer to a 3 and value is 2500 give or take and all depending upon the point of view.

I personally like the AMC Eagle (especially wagons) a lot but would I give 4500 dollars for a clean 1980 model? Never.

A few years ago one could have been bought for $2000 but now they are from 5 to 9 grand. I put 2 Eagles together to make one back in '98 but sold it before I got to drive it in the snow. I never got paid for it either, darn!

Anything made in 1985 will be a smog nightmare…They sold new for $7000…Used the venerable 258" Rambler 6 cylinder engine and were built on the AMC Concord platform…

They used a unique viscous drive center differential which today might pose a major service and repair problem…

Just because they’ve become a ‘cult’ car favorite doesn’t mean they’re actually a good car. My friends Eagle was very tight inside, and he had the wagon version. But if you like it, fine, just be prepared for all the problems of an antique, and none of the benefits of a modern car (mpgs, safety, handling, etc.).