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2016 RAM 1500 - fixing AM radio

hello my am radio does not work,but FM and satellite do work,can you let me know how to fix pls

You’d be best served by taking the truck to a shop that specializes in auto sound systems. Every city or town has one.

Are you sure there’s an AM radio station to listen to? The antenna is more important for AM, so check it.

Some modern radios stink at AM reception.

I was a union, terminal to terminal road driver for a large coast to coast carrier. We got a different tractor every trip, sometimes on every leg of a trip.

If we wanted a CB or an am/fm radio we had to buy them and speaker, wires and antennas an have an antenna mount welded to a vise-grip to clamp on the mirror brackets. The radios and speakers were mounted in a box the driver carried to the truck or in my case, wheeled to the truck.

I decided to splurge and buy a $200 radio to replace the $5 surplus Chrysler am/fm radio I had been using. I bought it from a local shop that rad repaired my CB radio.

The FM worked great but FM is not much use on the road because the range to a station is only 30-35 miles. The range of a good Am radio at night can be 1000 miles. This radio would not pull in AM signals unless I was only a few miles from the transmitter.

I tool it back to the dealer who assured me I had bought the “Cadillac” of radios. He said maybe it just needs trimming, I said , I thouht of that but there is no trimming screw I could find. He then suggested perhaps a bad antenna connection or ground. I said the FM works great and if it was either of those I would get either static or no signal on AM. He said yeah, you are right, lets call the factory rep.

The factory reps answer was " AM, nobody listens ro AM anymore!

The dealer gave me my money back and the $5 Chrysler radio went back in.

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Yes. There’s a coaxial cable from the antenna to the back of the radio. The connections at both ends have to be good, and there should be 100% resistance between the outer sheath of the coax and the inner wire that carries the signal.

Is this the factory radio? Are there AM stations near you? Can you pick up more AM stations at night? Do other AM radios you have work better?

You might want to look for grounding straps in odd places. Just replaced the hood on my GM truck. There was a grounding strap to the hood for no reason I could discern but it was broken. No trouble light on the hood, nothing.

The AM & FM radio reception had gotten pretty poor but repairing that ground strap brought it right back.

Back in 2006 when I was driving a truck, my trainer and I hauled freight from one UPS terminal to another. All the UPS drivers had custom home made sound systems that they hauled from one company truck to another.

When I got out in my own company truck, I bought some inverters and computer speakers to connect to a satellite radio.

I retired from trucking in 1995 after 40 years in the business. Did nothing for a year then drove school bus for 15 years until I lost the center of vision in my right eye. Might still have been doing that today if not for my vision, I could still pass all the physical performance tests except for my right eye and the job was a lot of fun. I did not do a morning run, just afternoons and field trips. Did not want to scrape ice off a cold car at 6am and then do the same for an ice covered bus.

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