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Am I going to die?

1999 Volvo S70 with 180 k miles.

When I turn left while accelerating there is a growling sound coming from the right front and a distinct pulsing on the steering wheel.

Will I die a horrible death on I-95 unless I feed this car’s mechanic yet another $1000?

We are all going to die…You have been given a choice as to the circumstance…But why risk taking someone else with you??

I’ll second what Caddyman said.

You probably have a bad passenger side wheel bearing or CV axle. If someone wants to charge you $1000 you should find someone else to charge you a few hundred.

Thanx, cigroller!

Bearing makes sense because I notice nothing when driving at high speed or turning right.

I should also have mentioned that I just had new tires put on a week earlier. The tire jockey could easily have created the problem while the car was on the lift. In fact he gave me a long list of things he recommended in addition to the new tires.

The problem turned out to be worn out “long” passenger side axle.


Thanks for the follow up.

Hopefully you didn’t have to fork over $1000

If this just happened when the new tires were installed, you might have a bad tire. I would start there first. Next, I’d be looking at all the things the “tire jockey” could have done wrong, like not torquing down the lug nuts (big safety flag here), bending the brake shield. damaging the brakes, not balancing the tire properly, etc.

side axle for a Volvo sounds like more than $1000 for the job. Hopefully the rest of the car is in good shape, until that next $1000 job it’ll need.