Always stay logged in Now

I don’t know if changes were made recently, but I no longer have to log in every time I come here. It hasn’t been that way for me for at least a year.

Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do cdaquila…

Even my logout problems seem to be solved, Carolyn. I’m glad you kept after the Vanilla Czars.

Phew. Yes, Joe Guy, we got moved to a better server about a month or so back. Since then, things have worked a lot better.

A hundred times, thank you both for the update. You know how you guys like to hear back from OPs about the ending to the story? To me, this is comparable.

The next item on my wish list is predictable paragraph breaks for all.

Happy posting.


They are just plain Vanilla. You are far better than that, Carolyn.

I had prob for two days then I ran a clean up program and no more prob, so I think it was my device