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Altima radio problem

2006 Nissan Altima 2.5s.

I started my car yesterday and the radio came on as normal. When I turned off the car, it did not shut off as normal. This continued through a couple of stops.

When I got home and turned off the car, the radio was still playing. I disconnected the battery, the radio stopped. I reconnected the battery and now the radio will not turn on but everything else in the car is working fine.

Any ideas?

Check your owner’s manual. Your vehicle radio may need a security code or password entered after the battery was disconnected.

if your car usually keeps the radio on until you open a door, you may have a bad door switch. Thus the car doesn’t know the door is open and to shut the radio and other accessories off.

You can test this, once you get your radio going again, by opening the passenger door after you shut the car off and see if that kills the radio.