How much should it cost to replace the starter in a 98 corolla?

I think my starter needs to be replaced. How much should this cost? I’ve seen the starter itself online for about $150. How much more will it be to install?

If you don’t mind me being nosy, why do you think you need a new starter?

30 to 40 minutes (@ $75 per hour) to change the starter UNLESS unforseen problems arise.

Man, it must be Toyota starter month - third post on this in the last day or two. To repeat (if your problem is intermittant starting):

I had a similar problem with my ES300, same symptomes, turned out the problem was with the starter solenoid, easy and cheap to fix. There are two contacts and a disk/rod assembley in the solenoid that wear out over the years. Replacement contacts were $15 at the dealer, fixed the problem for 2 years, then had to replace both the contacts and the disk/rod. You can google “toyota starter rebuild”.

Here’s a link describing the problem and parts: