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Noisy lifters

after an oil leak due to crankshaft oil seals i noticed my lifter heads were beat up and had faulty valves and lifters replaced. the heads were inspected and not damaged. after installation of new parts the clacking did not quiet down…

it sounds like the lashers are hitting the top of the valve covers.

what could be the problem

You must have run the car out of oil, or very low on oil. A crankshaft seal leak in itlself does not affect ther lifter lubrication. My Nissan had such a crankshaft seal leak (puddle on garage floor). We fixed it right away and everything went on normally like it was supposed to.

You will likely have to fix the lifters if you want to get rid of the noise.

i put new lifters and camshaft oil seals in and the noise did not go away… the leak stopped though…

I conclude you mean the face of the lifter. If they were “beat up” it is safe to conclude the part they contact is also beat up,the camshaft lobes.

When you say faulty valves do you mean the valve stems showed damage.

If my conclusion that the camshaft could be damage is impossible due to the layout of the valve train the error was not intentional.

You need to look further for additional mechanical part damage.

i took the heads to a performance shop to be checked for damage… they said i needed 4 valves replaced and ordered new lifters to go inside the rocker arms. the camshaft oil seals were the cause of the oil leak i later found out… im thinking that maybe the torque specifications for the rocker arms might have been intended for new and not used parts so im going to loosen up the arms slightly to try to quiet down the noise by freeing the tension on the lashers
if that doesnt work ill probably buy new cams for it… thanks for your input, im learning as i go so any advice is appreciated…