Alfa's latest delay spooks Fiat dealers

Alfa Romeo CEO Harald Wester said last week that three of the brand’s U.S.-bound models will be delayed and a fourth will be canceled.

Fiat’s 130 U.S. dealers never were explicitly promised Alfa models as part of the Fiat franchise. But Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told them in August 2010 they were likely to get the brand.

Alfa Romeo would provide sporty premium vehicles to augment the dealers’ only current offerings: coupe and 500C convertible versions of the Fiat 500.

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Don’t think I remember hearing about Alfa’s return to the US, but they do make some nice looking cars from what I’ve seen on TG:UK

That’s really just a 1 year delay if they were supposed to arrive in the US in late 2012. Given the way the market has collapsed since the plan first hatched, that’s not too bad. Checkout the current Alfa Romeo line here: