Alfa Romeo clutch problems



I just started my '88 Alfa Quadrifoglio after 18 months dormant. The clutch will not work. The pedal when pushed, will not disengage to allow me to shift into gear. I am not sure what is the problem is exactly. There is no leak and I have fluid. Are the seals bad? How easy might it be to fix and where can I access DYI data for the work? Thank you for any direction and help! davidjazz


You could have a bad Clutch Master Cylinder. You could also have some air in the system that needs to be bleed out.
My 87 Quad had a Bad Clutch MC and I replaced all the components that wear out. (MC, Slave and a rubber hose assembly.)For more info go to .


After 18 months the clutch friction lining is probably stuck to the flywheel.

Easiest fix : Fuly charge the battery and install on the car. Start the car and warm the engine up. Switch the engine off.

Put the car in 1st gear and start the car, the car will lurch while your doing this and will start moving when the engine starts. You obviously need a piece of road to do this. Once the car is moving, push the clutch down fully and jam the brakes on. The clutch should break free.

If you don’t have the manouvering room for this. Put a tow rope on the car, put it into gear (ignition off), depress the clutch and drag the car a few feet, this should have the same effect.


Thanks, I will check out the website after I try the “unstick” suggestion.


Thanks for your advice! I will have to try it in reverse first…out the garage/driveway. Then if it does not work on first try, I’ll be able to do it in 1st. I’ll let you know if it works. Thanks again.