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94 Honda Passport/ Isuzu Rodeo clutch slave

I changed out the clutch slave in October, I think. In December, while driving downhill, I tried to engage the clutch. It went straight to the floor. I got out of the truck, pulled the pedal up and tried to engage the clutch again. This time it was hard as a rock. No movement to speak of.
Anybody have some advice?
Fwiw, I thought maybe the slave piston fell out of it’s seat (that was the pedal going to the floor), andwhen I pulled the pedal up the slave piston came out of where it slipped and is now aligned on the transmission housing.
I got under the truck this afternoon and had my wife engage the clutch and couldn’t see if this might be the case. The piston looked like it was still in its seat. Grrrrrrrrr.

Has the fluid level been checked / replenished? Clutches are “engaged” when your foot is off the pedal…They are “disengaged” when you push the pedal down…The master and slave pistons move in cylinders, there is no “seat”…Most systems have a linkage rod that connects the slave piston to the clutch fork, held captive by a spring so nothing can get out of position…

The common wisdom is to replace the cluth master and slave cylinders in pairs. If the slave cylinder and clutch fork look Ok, the focus should move to the master cylinder.

+1 for @BustedKnuckles . Always replace the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder in pairs.

This is clearly beyond my level of dyi… ugggh