Alero windshield washer reservoir

The windshield washer reservoir on my '99 Alero does not hold fluid. I had it replaced 2 years ago for $300 [it is an odd shape and difficult to access]. I don’t want to replace it again. I don’t know the cause of the leak - the tank or the pump. Any suggestions? Plus, I would like to disable the warning dinging sound that occurs each time I start the car.

The only way to figure out what’s leaking is to remove the reservoir and test it. The reservoir itself could be leaking, or it could be the pump or the hose that carries the fluid to the windshield. There are no stop-leak products that will do anything. The leaking component must be identified and replaced.

Follow the sound to locate the offending dinger under the dashboard (easier said than done, I know), then unplug its electrical connection. Silence!

The warning ding is because the system monitor is trying to tell you he washer fluid is low. The best way to fix this is fix the leak at the reservior and keep it filled. The better way is to find the sensor, an by-pass it. Be careful tho, some sensors will simply close the circuit, and others have a change in resistance. You’ll need to test the level sensor to determine the best way to by-pass it.