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When I got my low-mileage used Camry, I noticed that the airbag indicator light showed that the airbag was “off”; I thought it was because I sit too close to the steering wheel. Recently, I decided to test this, and found that the airbag was “off” no matter where I slid the driver’s seat (the passenger one does come on). Is this something my mechanic can deal with, or should I take it to the dealer? Is there a possibility that someone took the airbag out?

The driver’s airbag never turns off. You have a defect somewhere in the SRS. Your owner’s manual would have told you that. The defect could be almost anything. You will have to have it diagnosed to find out what it is.

Note: I assume that by off, you mean that the SRS (airbag) light is on. If the warning light is off, then the SRS is okay and you really need to read your owner’s manual.

You are most likely seeing the indicator for the front passenger seat, not the driver seat. The seat has a weight sensor that determines if anyone is sitting there are how heavy they are. It makes sure if you have a child seat installed the airbags will not go off. Sit in the passenger seat and the light should reflect the airbag being on.

Yep, probably the passenger seat. Just have an adult sit in it, light should go off, or change to ‘on’.

I will re-read the manual.