Airbag light goes on and off

I have an 02 Sebring limited Convertible. The airbag light stays on, but goes off when I adjust the electric seat all the way back. Can I resolve this problem myself?

This may be a delicate question…but how much do you weigh. My youngest son weighs about 90lbs and he’s right at that weight where when he gets in the seat the light is off…then he shifts around a little and it’s on…then shifts again…and it’s off.

Maybe the sensor in the seat belt is giving a intermittent signal.
It is the drivers seat your talking about? The passenger probably has a occupancy detector.
Check for wiring getting stretched by the seat moving.
A code scan would help.

It is the driver’s seat I’m adjusting. I’ve tried moving around the wires under the seat, but it doesn’t seem to have any affect. I’m pretty sure it’s not the seat belt sensor.