Airbag light on


The airbag light on my 2000 Chevy Venture came on recently. Any thoughts??? I just recently had the intake gasket replaced.


Most cars have some sort of way to read the error codes when there is a air bag light. Chances are good you don’t have air bags now and will not until it is fixed. Maybe someone can tell you have to read the codes yourself (may be in the owner’s manual) or most any mechanic should be able to read them.


The light indicates a fault somewhere in the airbag control system. If the light is on you should assume the airbags are deactivated and will not function. Buckle up!


It is not likely that the work on the intake manifold has affected airbag operation, but possibly some electrical connector was unplugged and not restored.

In any case, your airbags are currently not in operation. Find a mechanic willing to investigate the issue. Not all of them have the right equipment or the necessary expertise.