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2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Airbag

Dear Car Talk,

I have 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Just recently the airbag light has been coming on and off, but only when I am driving.

Initially the light disengages after the car goes through its engine start check. I have left the car running at idle as well and the light does not come on. However, when I start driving, the light will turn on for a few minutes and then off for a few minutes then back on.

Is this something basic such a fuse or wire that I may be able to fix or should I take it into a mechanic?

Take it to a mechanic. Airbag systems are not really a DIY repair.


Are you putting something on the front passenger seat while you are driving? If so, take it off, and see if the problem persists.

No, there is nothing in the passenger seat but when the car starts moving the light turns on. But it doesn’t stay on all the time. It goes in and out.

Then I believe this is your only solution.

On many vehicles there is a weight sensor on the passengers seat if it registers weight, but not enough weight for an adult, it assumes there is a child or car seat on it. It will then disable the passenger airbag and illuminate an airbag light. This may need calibration. Either way if the airbag light is on there will be no deployment of needed airbags and needs to be fixed by a mechanic.