Airbag Indicator Light Stays On

Hi, Immediately after having some routine maintenance on my 2001 Honda Accord I noticed the SRS red indicator light was staying on. The shop said it was because they replaced the air filter behind my glove compartment which caused some vibration to the passenger airbag and triggered the light to go on. They said the light would probably go out the next day but it didn’t. I brought the car back and they did some diagnostic testing. They now say the airbag light has nothing to do with the work they did on my car. They told me their testing revealed two codes: 10-4 and 10-5. They told me I should take my car to the dealer ASAP because my airbags were at risk of deploying at anytime even without any impact. I don’t wanted to get ripped off at the dealer so I want to get some understanding of the problem and possible causes and how it can be fixed. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Can you “google” these codes and post back? I don’t know the format they are presented in.

When the light is on, the system is disabled. The usual drill is the fault must be isolated and repaired then the airbag control module must be replaced. KA-CHING…In newer cars, sometimes the expensive module can be reset instead of replacing it…Most manufacturers keep airbag diagnostics and repair procedures to themselves as it has turned into a profit center for them. The dealership may be your only choice but body shops that repair wrecked Hondas will have figured it out by now…

Call the Honda Dealer. There is a warranty extension on the main components of the Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS). It includes the controls for the red (SRS) indicator on the instrument panel. The extension is good for 10 years or 150,000 miles. The inspection is free even if there is not a problem with the OPDS & your vehicle is within the extended warranty time/mileage period.