Air Bag

I have a 2002 Acura TL. The SRS light came on about 3 weeks ago. I checked the manual and the light has something to do with my car’s air bag. Is there a danger? Can I ignore the light or do I need to take it to the dealer?

Better take it in. Not sure but I think the dealers are on the hook for ten years on these, maybe someone who knows for sure will pipe in.

Is there a danger? Only if you consider non-functioning air bags to be a problem. And, since that warning light is telling you that the SRS (air bag system) is non-functional, you will have to decide whether that is problematic for you.

As was said, the warranty on the SRS system is probably still in effect, which you can verify by reading the warranty materials that should be sitting in your glove compartment. With any luck, your coverage is still in effect, which should give you free repair on the system.

But, even if the warranty on your SRS is expired, I think you have to ask yourself what price you place on the health and safety of yourself and your passengers.

The light merely means the airbag is inoperative. There is no danger, meaning your car is not going to self-destruct. You can continue to drive that way until you eventually get around to making repairs. The cost of repairs may be minimal, possibly simple replacing a sensor.

I don’t know if these things are warranteed past normal, but be sure to ask.

First, a DEALER must use special scanners to find the fault that made the light come on. THEN the airbag control modual must be replaced. None of this will be cheap. As has been stated, with the light on, your airbags are non-operational. But your seat belts still are.