Air System Bank #1 Code P1415


2001 S-10 Pickup 4.3L 73K. Service Engine Light came on. I have a hand held computer OBD 11 Pocketscan

code Reader. Can anyone out there enlighten me on what sort of problem I have and what the fix might be. I have a Chilton book on the S-series pickup trucks, which appears to be useless on this problem.

P1415 is for “Air system, bank 1”. Check your Chilton’s for air injection, by an electric air pump, into the exhaust manifold. Look for a control solenoid. You could get an test chart to troubleshoot it with.

P1415 is a “manufacturer specific code” – which is to say that it is a code for a problem that was not anticipated by the folks who drew up the basic list of P0xxx codes. Manufacturer specific codes are often constructed by prefixing a 1 to the closest generic code. Manufacturer specific codes are often a little hard to understand. So you should probably use the Internet to look at both P0415 which won’t describe the problem exactly, but may be close and P1415 – which may be different on different vehicles.

P0415 Secondary Air Injection System Switching Valve B Circuit Malfunction.
P1415 Seems to be some sort of problem with the Air Pump/Air Injection system.

That Chilton manual may be useful yet. Find the description of the air injection system and see if you can figure out what is unusual about it that might call for a non-generic DTC code. If you can, you will probably be pretty close to identifying the problem.

Thanks for the reply. Do you think by any chance this problem could be caused by overfilling the gas tank? I have read and heard of cases that overfilling the tank could cause problems with the venting process in the tank. I think I did this shortly before the problem came up.

Do I think that overfilling the gas tank could trigger a problem with the Air Injection System?

No. But I’m not always right.

To be honest, I don’t know all that much about the EVAP system and have only the vaguest idea what the Air Injection system does. But I do know that overfilling the gas tank risks flooding an activated carbon canister that is used to trap fuel fumes generated due to temperature changes. And I think that on a 2001 truck that is probably all that it is used for. Don’t top off the tank. It can cause expensive problems in modern cars. But I doubt that your P1415 is one of those problems.

As I understand it, the air injection system feeds a little air into the exhaust stream at times in order to help burn exhaust gases. My guess would be that the air pump or a valve in the system has failed. But a code like 1415 could mean that they have used a part normally used in air injection systems in some other system and that it is failing.

No, overfilling the tank has nothing to do with the secondary air injection system. The secondary air injection system pumps air into the exhaust or directly into the catalytic converter to make the converter more efficient. This system includes an air pump, which draws air from the filtered side of the intake line before the throttle body, has a control valve set-up, a backflow preventer device to prevent exhaust gasses from getting to the vale assembly, and the output line that runs to the exhaust or cat.

It appears there is a general fault somewhere in this system. The easy things to check are the air pump for output and the backflow device for leaks allowing exhaust gasses to pass. Simply disconnect the rubber hoses for this. The backflow preventer should look like this:

If both of those seem to function properly, the valve assembly is the suspect. Unfortunately, my quick search did not find any replacements or re-mans for this. This may be a hard item to locate, except at a salvage yard.

Thanks for the feedback. This helps a lot.