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P1420 code

I have a 97 passat with a VR6, and getting the P1420 code. it says “secondary air injection electical malfuntion” so I can tap the wire on the relay with a test light and engage the relay which kicks on the fan…so what else can it be?

Fan or air pump? Air injection is a smog pump not a fan…

sorry, the pump comes on, so my belief is it has to be the vacuum soleniod, but I dont have a wiring diagram to track what clicks the relay on

The secondary air system on your engine does use an electric fan. not a mechanical pump.

You might try replacing the relay. There’s a fuse within the relay that might have blown.


Research suggest P1420 code for VW is secondary air injector valve circuit fault. not pump circuit.

ok so here is how i fixed it. the vacuum activated soleniod that triggers the relay was fine, but the hoses going to it were dry rotten and broken. removed the combi vavle next to the air pump on the front of the motor, replaced the vacuum lines from there to the soleniod and from the soleniod to the intake. cleared the code and no more light. I hope this helps someone else out there, thanks for the help.