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P1450 code!

I am at a complete lose!!! About a year ago my 2015 ford fusion titanium threw a p1450 code. I have been fighting it ever since. I replaced the purge valve and solenoid, new plugs, both the high and low fuel pressure sensors, checked all my hoses and the CEL still comes back after each repair. I never top it off. It does have a cap less fuel filler and will occasionally have negative pressure in the tank that causes the filler to pull air from the filler and the noise is horrible. When I fill up it can be difficult to restart, idling the rpms drop like it isn’t getting fuel but both of these symptoms are inconsistent and have no pattern of when it will do it. I have ran pcm and obd2 test with the only result being the dtc code p1450. What am I missing?

Since you replaced your purge valve already, did you replace your fuel cap?

It is a capless system… there is no fuel cap to replace…

Oh right. I forgot Ford had gone to that. Well, it could still be there - that capless mechanism still handles tank venting, and if something’s damaged or clogged in there the tank won’t vent properly. The downside of that nifty system is that if the problem is there, it’s gonna cost you a lot more than a gas cap.

Some Ford owners with your code have had luck with spraying a lubricant on the filler flap, then working it back and forth for awhile to lube it up.

It could also be a tank pressure sensor, or the hose between the tank and the evap canister.

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We had a similar experience with our 2012 Ford Fusion. After the check engine light came on, the code that came up was P0451. My husband cleaned the capless gas filler, then replaced the canister purge valve. It turned out that the fuel tank pressure sensor was the culprit, and we had that replaced. Later that same year (Oct. 31, 2016), Ford issued a recall on the canister purge valve. We requested and got a refund on the canister purge valve we’d bought previously.

In 2018, the check engine light came back on. This time, the code was P1450. The dealership replaced the FTP sensor, performed an evap test and failed. The evap purge valve was stuck open. They replaced the purge valve and performed a manual evap test, which worked. We haven’t had any problems since then.

Ugh… FTP sensor will be fun to replace!!! I guess I’ll be running back through the evap system and double checking everything. Smoke test to verify no leaks and all that good stuff… Ford really messed up on these new things!!! Give me an older truck where I can climb in under the hood and have all the room in the world to work!!!

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