Air Intake Manifold

Hi, I am a car maintenance novice looking to replace the air intake manifold on my Ford Focus 2008 as my one has a slit in it.
I got the part number from the component and ordered one online.

The replacement part has come however it only has the left-side sensor housing and does not have housing for the other sensor. Otherwise, it fits fine.

I want to know, do I need to order another air intake manifold with the second sensor housing or can I fit the one that I’ve ordered and just not use the second sensor? I want to pass my MOT in the UK.



No, you won’t pass your MOT if you can’t mount both sensors. The missing one looks like the mass airflow sensor and that is needed to make the engine run properly.

BTW… What you have is intake hose and not an intake manifold. The manifold is the hollow device that connects that hose you hold to the multiple cylinders.


Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

I’ll order in another one and be more careful this time about getting the right one.

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