2 air intake manifolds why 2 instead of one?


ok i was lookin of ordering a air intake but i was lookin into it and theres some with one air intake manifolds and there others with 2 air intake manifolds what do you guy recomend get the one with 2 air intake manifolds or one? to tell ya the truth i havnt seen 2 air intake manifolds…only one…


You’re Accord already has an air intake. You don’t need a second one. You’re just wasting your money.


The factory air intake system will deliver all the air the engine will EVER need. Changing the air intake all by itself will do NOTHING for the engine.


hey El, I’ve noticed a lot of posts from you about wanting to modify your Accord. I’d suggest you start at the bottom and learn what you need to know before you start randomly buying parts. You’ll end up with a much better car.