2017 Ford F-150 - What's up with intake manifold issues?

intake manifold had to be replaced twice in less than three years

How about telling us WHY your intake manifold has to be replaced?

And exactly which engine do you have?


I have 2017 F-150 5.0 coyote engine the manifold has vacuum on the back of it that opens and closes the flaps for air and there is a little pin had turns the flap and they are weak I guess because it has broken on my truck twice once at 30,000 miles and of course at 63,000 miles just after the warranty ran out and they do not have a replacement part they replace the whole manifold and charge around $1200.00.I am going to call customer service but I probably wiill not get anywhere.They must have a lot of them break manifold are on back order and they do not know when they will get them in.Fisrt time it broke they had my truck over a week and of course they didnot tell me the real reason that the manifold was a defect just that parts were on back order

Thanks for the update . . .

If it’s any consolation, this was a common problem on other Ford engines, as well, and on those they also said you either buy the entire manifold or get out of here

isn’t there enough of this problem happening to have a recall and fix the issue.It seems like a big issue all the ford garages have this manifold on back order and cannot tell you when they will show up.

There’s no shortage of OEM Gen2 truck intake manifolds. They sell online for around $470-$530. Had you gone to an independent shop, there’s a good chance that it would’ve been less than $1200.

is there a parts store that carries them.I have been to two ford dealerships and both tell me they are on back order and they do not know when they will get them

They aren’t looking hard enough. Took me less than 5 minutes to find these

The online dealers don’t indicate if the part is on back-order, they will notify you after you place the order;

"We ship most orders in 1-3 business days.

Some parts may need to be ordered from one of Ford Distribution Centers across the country if our local Ford Distribution Center is out of stock. It will require additional time to obtain.If for any reason it takes longer than 3 business days, we will send a follow-up email to keep you updated on the status of your order."

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I tend to agree with @Nevada_545 on this particular point

A lot of those online vendors aren’t too specific . . . whether the items are in stock or not

They primarily want you to “walk in the door” so to speak

then they’ll address the issue of being in stock . . . or not, or backordered, etc. . . . after the purchase is made

I don’t know if you want to call it deceptive, but it seems to be the reality in some situations

My concern is the manifold is defective and my manifold has been replace twice in three years,so what I need to find is an after market manifold. It would be nice if I could find one made of aluminum instead of plastic and without the vacuum on the back that keeps breaking.I called customer service today and they gave me a claim number and said a rep would be calling me,so we will see where that go’s.

I don’t believe there is an aftermarket intake manifold available for your engine

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I was afraid of that.Has anyone else had this issue with the manifold.There is a kit you can buy that holds the air flow flaps open all the time and you remove the vacuum canisters off the back of the manifold but the research I did you have to have the computer reprogrammed and it uses more gas and you lose power on the low end.This place on line has a video of putting these parts on the manifold it is called fatfender garage.com I have tried to find a ford mechanic to get his thoughts on doing this but haven’t found one to talk about it.

The 2013-14 intakes, while plastic, have no CMCV valves…

They are available used on Ebay. Cheaper than the valve elimination kit.

There are fabricated aluminum manfolds available for the 5.0… but they are designed for higher revving car engines and don’t have the CMCV system.

Might as well go with a Gen 3 intake. Cheap,readily available better flowing, and you can keep or lockout the CMCV.

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