Air flow problems 05 Crown Vic

My air controls only allow a mix of defrost and floor. The air will not come through the vents on a/c or vent settings nor can I switch to floor only. Any ideas??

Caddyman, someone was listening and has started the campaign to thwart any attempts to maintain your assumptions - :wink:

bigezgo - sorry, you’d have to see this to know: (Caddyman is well known for singing the virtues of the Crown Vic)

Anyway, the air is directed around by little doors in your vent system. These are either vacuum controlled or electrically controlled by solenoids. You’ll likely have to dig into the dash to look for either vacuum line or electrical problems with those controls.

A repair manual for the car - about $20 for a Haynes or Chilton’s at an auto parts store - will be really helpful for how to dig into the dash and check it out.

Thanks cigroller. I figured there was a control going bad. I was hoping it could be something really simple but… under the dash we will go. While I am under there I guess I can tackle the light problem I researched on here as well. The dims go off periodically and I drive with the turn signal lever for the high beams. 80K, maybe I should consider getting a newer model.
Thanks for the quick reply.


They (the air flow direction doors) are vacuum controlled. The temperature control door is electric. The problem may not be under the dash, it might be under the hood where the vacuum line from the climate control connects the the vacuum check valve. Or there may be a vacuum leak under the dash.

By removing the glove-box completely, you can see the heater/A/C controls pretty well. The main vacuum distribution block is located on the center of the firewall, under the hood, right over the bell-housing…You will need a flashlight…That Vic is just broken in…

What was that? “That Vic is just broken?”