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2004 crown vic

When trying to control air flow from dash board ,floor . or defrost. The air cmes out dirfferent ones by it self.

Repair place told me “door blender” then when that didn’t work they said control head, when that didn’t work they said sensor next to the door blender. Now they tell me that didn’t work.

I have paid so far a lot of money for repair but with no results.

Any suggestions that I might tell to try?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, bert

Ignore. Your other post renders this moot.
BTW, why didn’t you update this one, instead of creating a new one. (Would be less confusing to all)

Your problem is where the air comes out (dash, floor, defrost), correct?
If so, then there is no reason anyone should have messed with the electric blend air door or its sensor. It only effects the temperature of the air coming out. Sounds like you need a better mechanic.
The other air doors are all vacuum activated. You’ve replaced the control head, so we’ll assume it wasn’t the problem. The only thing left is a vacuum supply problem.
When the air comes out the wrong place, does it usually move to the defrost?
Does this happen when you are accelerating?
You may have a vacuum leak in the line that feeds the AC system, or (and more likely) the check valve that keeps the AC system at high vacuum when engine vacuum is low may have failed. I’d start by replacing that. (Cheap part, easy to change.)