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2004 Crown Victoria A/C Problem

My in-laws have an interesting problem with their A/C in their 2004 Crown Victoria… The air comes out of the defroster vents most of the time no matter what setting is selected on the A/C control panel. Then when they go over a bump in the road sometimes it will redirect the air and it will come out of the front vents for a while which is desired and what is selected on the A/C control panel. Then after a short time it will revert back to forcing the air out of the defroster vents. What do I need to look for? How to fix? Thank you.

Brian Collins (

Tell them to take the car to a shop that specializes in automotive AC systems. They are the experts, and they will fix it.

I don’t know whether this system is vacuum or electrically operated, but there is a problem with one of the air direction flaps (doors) in the HVAC system.

This is unlikely to be a DIY thing, unless your in-laws are willing to remove large sections of the dashboard, which may or may not be required.

I’d take it to an expert.