Air flow performance

So if I understand correctly, my 2008 Silverado doesn’t have a cabin air filter. My A/C blows really cold and the blower motor works well. However, while sitting idling for work, which I do a lot, I have to crank the fan up
To the 2nd from the last notch to wide open to get a good air flow out of the drivers side vents. Any suggestions?

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Yes, consider that maybe one of your blend door actuators is broken or partially stuck. If you ever hear a soft click-click-click sound when you try to change where the air comes out, there’s your sign that an actuator has failed. Common problem on these vehicles.

Don’t hear the clicking sound you speak of, but I am hearing something as if a part is stretching or straining behind the vent in the dash by the radio drivers side when I change the air flow selection

You might be correct, but Autozone’s website lists several manufacturers’ cabin air filters for that particular model:

I suggest that you look for a YouTube video that explains how to change a Silverado 1500’s cabin air filter, and use that as your guide for finding out whether–or not–there is a cabin air filter in your truck’s HVAC system.

I tried but couldn’t find a video for the year model or close. Preclude does show filters too but everywhere I look online says they don’t have them. However, after flipping the airflow location selector and then back to vent with recirculated air, I have a huge difference in the amount of air coming out of the vents now.

Is your engine fan working correctly? The clutch? It could be lack of airflow through the condenser when you’re stopped.

Fan is working. Got plenty of cold air coming in now that I flipped the air flow selector switch a few time and heard the stretching/straining sound as if the door was opening and closing. Actuator may be going out or just didn’t close properly because I went from wide open to taking it down some notches because it’s getting cold in here now. Vent thermometer showing almost 40 now.

On one car ac was just fine on fan speeds one and 2 on the highway, but stopped, it was not cooling and had to do the same. Tuned out the blower resistor was bad and on speeds one and 2 not actually blowing at all!

That would be it… more likely something preventing the air doors from moving easily.

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My 2007 Silverado does the same thing.