Air conditions problems

I have a 2002 Malibu that is experiencing compressor clicking on and off and stop and start cooling. I have changed the control head twice and the dealership says that it has gone out again. What could be causing the control heads to go bad?

When I read these posts I get a “show me” attitude. I have replaced control heads on Malibu’s,mainly for breakage problems with switches or buttons,is this what is going on? I don’t remember a 2002 Malibu with automatic climate control does yours have it?

There is a spelled out word for word step bt step diagnostic chart for diagnosing excessive compressor cycling,is the Dealer following this chart (called Stratagey Based Diagnosis)or are they just winging it?

Are they showing you the old part that shows signs of melting or burning? I hope they are covering the cost under parts warranty.

I have experienced similar symptoms on a Civic. It was a short in an electrical harness connected to the compressor. The solution was a new compressor.

I am not saying this is what is wrong with your A/C, but your problem might have been misdiagnosed. Problems like this can be difficult to pinpoint.

Didn’t you have to repair the short in the harness?