2002 Malibu A/C problem



I have a 2002 Malibu with about 66K miles on it. Last summer we noticed the green “A/C” light underneath the A/C controls was flashing on an off randomly. I took it to the dealer (extended warranty) and they replaced the entire knob assembly. That seemed to fix the problem for a while. However, around the first of this year we noticed the light flashing on and off again randomly (the compressor runs for the defroster in the winter). It’s really strange; the A/C works well and blows cold. However, when the light goes off, I know the compressor is kicking off because the blowing air gets warmer and I can hear a clicking under the hood. This is the only real problem we’ve ever had with the car (knock on wood). Does anyone have any suggestions? Could it be the compressor? Thanks.

I would suggest bringing it to a good local [b]independent[/b] A/C shop.  I think I would do it even if the "extended warranty" (really an insurance policy) was still valid.  

However hang on a while and see if anyone with good A/C knowledge and specific knowledge of this car's A/C has something more concrete.


Could it be an overloaded compressor tripping a protection device? Try cleaning the condenser coil before doing anything else. Also make sure the condenser fan is working correctly.
Note that working on the system will probably void the warranty (if there still is one) so have a good HVAC repair company do the work. However, do clean the condenser coil or they might void the warranty when they notice the dirty coil.


sounds like it’s low on freon.if it’s low on freon the compressor will kick on and off till it’s charged.


We want to use a store bought freeon dispenser but are unable to locate the intake --do you know where to find it on the 2002 Malibu? Thank you