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Air Conditioner Issues on 2013 Chevy Malibu 3LT

Earlier this month, our 2013 Chevy Malibu stopped blowing cold air. Even with the A/C on, it would blow air but it would be hot and sometimes would even be humid. Since then, the car has been in the shop 4 times and each time the car left it was “working” but within minutes, hours, or days, we were back to warm/hot and humid air, or only working with cold air half the time/completely random. It’s under warranty, but $3,000 has been put into trying to get this problem fixed - and it’s still not fixed a month later.

For those interested, I’ll include more details on what has been replaced and the issues we are having below. Lot’s of info below - don’t feel like you have to read it, I’m just hoping someone may see something and have an idea. We’re taking it back for the FIFTH time tomorrow. Thanks in advance!

All of this work has been done at a Chevrolet dealership

2013 Chevy Malibu 3LT (Purchased used Dec. 2016 with a full coverage 30,000/3yr. mile warranty)
What’s been replaced/done:
New Compressor
New Shutter
New Valve Kit
New Condesner
etc. (dye testing, lubricant, seals, bio flush, etc.)

Notes from Mechanic each time they worked on it:

  1. A/C will be blowing cold air then start blowing warm air and will switch back to cold. Does have a code stored for A/C repro. BCM, setup BCM, and performance initialization process ECM P053 P0045 P096E Active grille shutter performance. Clutch slipping; need to replace compressor, condensor, and expansion valve. Evac and recharge AC added dye. Tested system and AC is within specs.

  2. Compressor kicks on and off then blows hot air. Compressor not running at all, checked for leaks with U/V light, no leaks found. Checked AC pressures over 100 PSI. Compressor should run. No DTC’s stored. High side pressure shows 0 PSI. Checked sensor unplugged and plugged back in. Ran AC, everything worked for a while then went to 0 volts and compressor shut off. TSB PI0558C need to wire new connector. Tested and AC functions properly.

  3. Still having AC issues. Checked for DTC’s Multi Axis Acceleration Module V-121 lost communication w/EBCM. EBCM. EBCM R-242=PCMTraction control module V0121 C0242 CKD AC operation currently working. HS pressure sensor reading correctly unlike yesterday. Drove 30+ miles before AC went hot. AC pressure sensor dropped to 0. Swapped high pressure sensor with old sensor in original condensor. Test drove and AC functioned properly.

#3 is the last time they had it, Wednesday. Worked great for two days then Saturday afternoon - no cold air. Since then it’s been 50/50, sometimes cool (NOT COLD), sometimes hot. Also on the second or third visit, they found metal shavings in the compressor - not sure which, they didn’t include that in their notes for some reason.

I don’t see where the A/C system was flushed to remove any debris from the original compressor failure.

If that’s not done, any debris (metal shavings) from the original compressor failure will destroy any new compressor that’s installed.



Tester, I’m not doubting for a moment what you are saying. You are a pro and AC is not my strong suit as a DIYer, but what’s a bio flush (I have no idea. Is it like a wallet flush?)?

as a former caddy owner i used to watch quite a few videos of required repairs. i watched one where they removed engine/trans and subframe to replace the evap coil behind firewall. yikes. that is involved.