A/C Dangerous?


I had my A/C fixed about 1 month ago. It is cooling well, but seems to irritate my eyes and throat. I have driven over two dozen cars in the last year, and mine is the only one that has caused this problem. Is there a possibility that the repair could have caused a problem that could be harmful? Is the refrigerant used in cars today toxic?


Yes, the refrigerant is toxic, but if the AC system is working correctly, the refrigerant is sealed inside the system and you should never come in contact with it or inhale it.

A leak in the system, most likely in the evaporator, would explain your symptoms, but without knowing what was worked on that’s just a guess.


I doubt it’s a leak, if it was leking enough to bother you it wouldn’t still be cooling after a month. More likely some kind of contamination in the “air side” of the system, maybe mold?


Very possible. I’m also wondering if some chemical was used in the original repair, and may still be lingering in the air intake.


I suppose it depends upon what was done to the system. What kind of repair was done? But more on point, why speculate? Ask the shop if anything of that nature was used.


My first step would be to check the drain to see if it is clear.


My second step is Lysol spray in the fresh air intake.


Thanks for the replies. The repairs done, listed in order of most recent, are:

  1. (Dealer) Replaced Evaporator Core (part #4864999). Recharged R134. A/C working
  2. (Dealer)Replaced High pressure cut-off switch (part #4897617-AA) Recharged R134. A/C stopped working shortly after repair.
  3. (Goodyear) Replaced AC Condensor Fan due to rattling. Replaced AC Receiver Dryer. Replaced AC Hose. Recharged R134. Stopped working shortly after repair.
    4/ (Goodyear) Recharged R134. Added dye to check for leaks. Stopped working shortly after repair.

Should I take the car back to the dealer, or look for a different shop to evaluate a possible mistake?
Does the refrigerant have a noticeable smell? Should it be obvious there is a leak?
What other components could be causing this problem?