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Air Conditioning--Throwing Hot and Cold Air

Hi I have an 03 Ford Explorer. The air was not working at all, the compressor was not kicking in, so I had that changed, then it would blow very low, so I changed the ac extension valve and ac orifice tube. Now it is throwing cold air on left side of door and hot air on the other.

Everything is this post stinks. First changing a compressor because it “does not kick in” is odd. There is not a part called a extension valve, reciever drier systems do use a expansion valve but when they do they don’t use a orfice tube.

Now GM uses in their vehicles with front and rear AC a orfice tube for the front Ac and a expansion valve for the rear AC,so whats going on with your system.

I could see a complaint of left and right side DASH outlet temp problems (is this a dual zone system?) but “door” outlets? I can picture some ducting going to the doors,is this the case?

Are you doing this work yourself? what is your training level?

The hot air is coming out because there is most likely a problem with the air blend door for that side.

Hi, I am paying for someone to do it and tried to explain what mechanic told me, you are right on the terms and where the problem on the right/left side Dash outlet.