Air conditioning compressor locked up on a 97 cavalier



i was looking at A/C bypass pullies and they only have 1 for the 2.2L, i have a 2.4L Z24, also the belt connects only the alternator, the compressor, and the crankshaft so i dont see how i could put a smaller belt on and bypass the compressor. (look at fig. 8 on this site)


what should i do? fixing the compressor isn’t an option, too expencive.

wouldent running a smaller belt cause the belt to rub at the tentioner?


By looking at the diagram, you’ll need to make sure the tensioner will open large enough to add a belt without dragging on the un-tensioned side. Then, get a belt just long enough to slide under the tensioner at the fully-open position. It should work.

To get the proper belt length, use a piece of rope, and wrap it around the crankshaft pulley, the alternator pulley, and the tensioner at fully open position. Mark the rope where it overlaps. Then take the rope out, and measure it between the marks. That is the minimum length you need. Make sure your measurement is in millimeters. Belt codes use metric.


The compressor isn’t locked up. The clutch bearing is.

If the compressor where locked up, the clutch pulley would just act as an idler pulley. But because the clutch pulley is locked up it means the clutch bearing failed.

A bearing costs about $40.00. All you need to do is find someone who has the tools and the know-how in replacing a clutch bearing. Hell, the AC might even work again after the bearing is replaced.