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Air conditioner compressor replacement

I have a 2001 Prius. The compressor for the air conditioning went out a few years ago. My dealer says it will cost $700 to replace the compressor. Will it work to get a rebuilt or generic compressor to fix my air conditioning or do I have to use the Toyota part?

A rebuilt will work fine.
A generic…you’re much better off to get a rebuilt. Or an aftermarket “direct fit” unit, which I suspect might be what you mean when you use the word “generic”.

The only application I know of for a true generic would be for someone adding AC to their custom hot rod.

Recent discussions on this forum taught me that on (at least some) hybrid engines the A/C compressor runs off the HV propulsion battery. I infer that rebuilt or other generic might not be common. Advance Auto Parts does not show one at all, and Autozone shows one for $418; no indication if it’s rebuilt or aftermarket new. At that price just for the part, $700 does not sound so bad for an installed OEM part.

My own one-data-point experience with rebuilts was that I would have been better off with OEM.

I agree with @art1966 . Rockauto has rebuilts for around $400, makes $700 for the whole job sound OK. You might be getting a rebuilt at the dealer too, but I’d use them for the repair.

Prius i would use the dealer too