Air Conditioner Compressor and Clutch

My 2006 Honda Odyssey lost the a/c last week. No cold air. After troubleshooting myself, I took it to the shop I use and they came up with it being the compressor clutch. But you can just replace the clutch, so a new compressor. My question is… What’s a good price for this repair? In this vehicle the compressor replacement requires the alternator, etc… To come out first before you can even get to the compressor. So, I’m not really excited enough about it to do it myself. Which I think could, except for the discharging the refrigerant. Thoughts?

Do you mean they said you CANNOTt replace only the clutch? If so I would get a second opinion.

A wheeel puller could remove the clutch. Have they checked or swapped the clutch relay?

But…I don’t see that clutch for sale as a separate part number. AutoZone, O’Reilleys, CarQuest, nor Rock Auto show one …only a compressor assembly.
…strange but true…
I did not call any Honda dealers in Abuquerque.

My experience has been that a compressor (rebuilt) and the necessary work to clean out the system runs about $900 or more. I would emphasize dealing with a reputable A/C SPECIALIST, and also not buy used compressor of unknown origin.

Comment deleted because I just can’t remember anymore if the clutch lasted or not when I had it replaced. I agree to consult with someone that knows and can determine the current condition of your compressor.