Air Conditioner compressor and dealer repair

I just had the evaporator in my 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan replaced by the dealer last week. 2 days later, I’ve got this horrible noise coming from under the hood when I turn on the air. Dealer tells me it’s the compressor and wouldn’t have noticed before because when out of coolant, the compressor doesn’t operate. How can this be true? Could the noise be coming from the flywheel or belt? Are they feeding me pap?

Your first mistake was taking it to the dealer for an A/C problem not covered under the warranty.

Find a local A/C shop (May well be a radiator/AC shop up north) and let them take a look at it. They will know the systems better than the dealer and will charge less.

The AC compressor will not operate if the refrigerant level it too low. This is a built-in safety feature. The refrigerant contains lubricant for the compressor, and if there’s no refrigerant there’s no lubrication and the compressor will self-destruct.

If you only hear the noise when the compressor is operating, it’s likely to be coming from the compressor.

I suggest you find an automotive AC shop and stay away from the dealer. Automotive AC shops do this kind of work for a living, and they are the experts.

Thanks for the replies. I should have gone to AC shop. What was I thinking?