A/C Stop Blowing Cold Air


I have a 2001 Ford Taurus I bourg a month ago. The dealer I bought it from replaced the air compressor on June 29. Today I had been in my car for a couple of minutes and was stopped at a stop light when my car idle increased and all of a sudden I heard a high pitched screeching sound. The a/c immediately quit blowing cold air. I turned the a/c immediately to vent and continued to drive home. After raising the good once I got home, I could see a bunch of what looked like rubber and oil shavings down under the compressor. Can anyone shed some light on what may have happened?


A guess might be that the compressor was replaced and someone forgot to add the refrigerant oil.


and/or they did not flush the old dead compressor pieces from the system.

The screeching you heard was the belt trying to turn the locked up compressor.

The dealer was trying to “cheap out” on the repair. Unfortunately he/she was able to get it to live past the 30 day warranty he may or may not have given you.