Does My Dodge Caravan Really Need a New A/C Compressor?

Hi All,

My husband & I own a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan with just over 90,000 miles on it. Last year, the dealer overhauled the a/c for us at the cost of about $1200.00.

When we turned the a/c on just a few days ago, (as the weather is now warming up), it blew only warm air. Today, we brought it in to a local mechanic, who said he would first put a “sealant” in it to see if it was leaking and then diagnose the problem. Afterward, he told us it needs a new a/c compressor ($700.00) and that he would order the part and fix the a/c on Monday. We agreed, but on the way home, my husband turned on the a/c and it appeared to be working!!

My question is: was the problem a leak that the “sealant” sealed? Do we still need a new compressor?

Thank you!!!

The mechanic charged it to see where the leak was. It’s operating now because he charged it. Since it has a leak, it will stop operating in a few days. That’s why the mechanic wants to fix the leak.

It seems likely that you have a leak rather than a bad compressor. You might have a bad electrical connection to the compressor, but the compressor obviously works. How was the compressor diagnosis figured?

In any case, I would be back at the dealer who did the work. What was involved in the overhaul?

Find a New Mechanic

Most new car dealership service shops offer 12months/12k miles parts and labor warranty. Doublecheck with yours, and take it back there.

It could be that the leak is from the compressor itself (such as the shaft seal) in which case he’d be correct in recommending a compressor replacement. I’d like more information on what the mechanic exactly says is wrong and why the compressor needs to be replaced before i’d blindly start telling people to switch mechanics.