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Air Condition is Cool, then will blow hot, not warm air

I have a 2012 focus with automatic climate control that had the radiator replaced and AC condenser replaced, as well as new coolant and the ac recharged.

When running the AC with a temperature setting, like 69 degrees (instead of high or low), the AC will run nice and cool, but will randomly go from cold to hot (not warm air like a compressor turn off, but hot like the heat was turned on). If I turn the AC down to Low instead of a temperature, the heat turns off and the AC continues to blow cool. If I turn it back immediately to a degree, the heat comes back on.

The issue happens intermittently.

I was wondering what could be causing this?

First guess the temperature sensor is failing.

Logically, that makes a lot of sense to me. However, the timing of the issue aligns perfectly with the repair, which is what is making me think it is something to elsewhere. Not sure if these systems heat if they think they are too cold somehow.

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what were the symptoms before the rad and condenser were replaced?